1918 - the film.  Congratulations Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions!

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   New: Production stills from 1918: a short film   
Christopher Sullivan as young Tim, John Los as Mr. Flynn
Joey Vacchio as Joe
Michael Cuddire
Jeremy Brothers and Michael Cuddire at Dunkin Donuts
Robert Berlin as the New Yorker - Mr. Polite (until he's in character)
Michael Cuddire
Don't mess with Michael Mazzeo
The Flynn family. Can you smell disaster coming?
The naturally-talented Eric L'Italien
Michael Cuddire
Looking for Joe at Fenway Park...
John Los watching Buckner.
   Production Stills   
Joey Vacchio (Joe) and Michael Cuddire (Tim) rehearse a scene.
Two scenes were shot at this Dunkin Donuts on Ashley Blvd in New Bedford, MA
Mass. State Police were the best. L to R - Cinematographer T.W. Li, Trooper Kevin Tenney, Writer/Director Jay Burke, Trooper Tom Ryan.
DP T.W. Li hooks up our car mount, all rigged for a tow.
Writer/Director Jay Burke, 2nd Unit DP Richard Moos, UPM Jamie Northrup line up a shot.
A Melrose garage doubled at times for Standish Gas
Picture car rigging.
Shooting location near Fenway.
Picture car rigging.
Picture car rigging.
Several scenes were shot at Standish Gas, Rt. 140, Taunton, MA
A Melrose garage doubled at times for Standish Gas
Keyspan tank
Keyspan tank
Keyspan tank
DP T.W. Li films scripted State Police action.
Planning the shot with MA State Police.
Shooting in the cruiser.
Keyspan tank. The Escort was bought on eBay for $86.
State Police, film crew, and the Hood blimp (in town for the ALCS).
Talking down alert MA State Police near the Keyspan tank.
The "Alley Scene", behind Wonder Bar in Allston/Brighton MA
The Keyspan tank. State Troopers and Boston detectives were nice to us here, too.
Keyspan tank.
Massachusetts' finest
The big guns.
Rich Moos at Fenway.
Director Jay Burke's (R) apartment overlooked Chicago's Wrigley Field in 1993. This was the view from his roof -- he's had rough years between the Red Sox and Cubs.





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1918 - the film
Based on a true story
Written and Directed by Jay Burke

Congratulations 2004 Boston Red Sox - World Series Champions!