1918 - the film.  Congratulations Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions!

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Eighty-six years of heartbreak. Two Boston boys finally have a shot to go to the World Series with the Sox. But a series of mishaps take them on a wrong turn.

Tim, a gas station attendant, and his buddy, Petey, miraculously land two tickets to the big game. Along the way, they run into Tim’s angry boss, an arrogant New Yorker, a bitter mechanic and a pedantic State Trooper. Driving a fading Ford Escort, Tim gives up his most prized possessions to get to the park.

They’re two underdogs on a road trip, on a mission and desperate for victory.

Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions

How "1918" is different from "Fever Pitch"

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1918 - the film
Based on a true story
Written and Directed by Jay Burke

Congratulations 2004 Boston Red Sox - World Series Champions!